Types of Health Insurance, Different Types of Health Plans

Health insurance is one of the basic requirements to live a safe and happy life.


Many people nowadays are opting health insurance plan to ensure the safety of health. Health insurance is available for every health situation. May it be maternity, senior citizen insurance, or family life insurance. Here are all the types of health insurance available.

It is the most basic health insurance and it covers the insurance of a single person. Hence, it is termed as the individual Health Insurance. It provides all the basic facilities and services to a single individual. It is one of the highly purchased health insurance plans. It covers all basic health requirements

Individual Health Insurance

Senior citizen Health Insurance

The senior citizen Health Insurance provide the health insurance to the senior age group people. The insurance is provided for the old people who are more than 60 years. Many facilities and services are included in this health policy which ensure safety and coverage of the health of senior citizens. So it becomes very easy to avail facilities for their health, etc.

Family health insurance

The family health insurance is another kind of Health Insurance which covers the health of all the members of a family. As the name suggests, it accumulates and give insurance to the health of each individual of a family. Usually a floater insurance health plan covers the health Insurance of 4 members of a family. Generally 2 adults and 2 two children are included in this but there are also various plans in which you can add your parents as well as your parents in law too. The benefits and policies differ from organisation to organisation. There are various private as well as government organisations which are providing these insurance.

Maternity Health Insurance

The Maternity Health Insurance is health insurance that is provided to a pregnant woman. It is usually for a period of 9 months and some of the insurance is an even more than 9 months. It covers a few months even after the birth of the baby. This health insurance provide great support to a pregnant woman. It covers all the medical services which is very essential for Maternity. Some Health Insurance also covers the mother as well the baby.

Critical illness Insurance

The critical illness insurance covers the critical diseases and health problems. If you are diagnosed with something critical then you are supposed to take this insurance. Although it is subjective and may vary in each organisation.

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