Cloud hosting v/s dedicated hosting

Many people are confused while purchasing the hosting options. It’s very important to understand the need. Here is the basic difference between cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

Cloud hosting v/s dedicated hosting

In some practical situations it has been seen that where there is a sudden traffic hike in a website cloud hosting performs much better than dedicated hosting.

As soon as the website starts growing, the cloud server also starts attaining all the resources which are necessary to run the website efficiently. Hence, it provide and ensure all the qualities uninterrupted. Also it guarantees the security of the data. The cloud hosting gives you the ability to increase the adaptation rate of the server with just a few clicks. It is not limited to any physical capacity of a single server or or to neighbours.

The one of the greatest drawbacks of dedicated hosting is that it tends to underperform whenever there is a hike in traffic or there is a certain traffic. Since it is made up of fixed resources and hence it does not scale when the traffic increases. There is a reduction in the quality of the user experience as when the visitors starts to open the page that can see the error 404 page not found. Although dedicated hosting is better solution than shared hosting but it is still not an ideal solution for those websites who receive very high traffic. In many cases expert suggest that website who use dedicated hosting should also consider cloud hosting services for better performance.


It is more beneficial for the websites that need transfer quality and hyper responsive customer support. The cost of dedicated hosting varies according to the services and facilities it gives and according to use also. Comparing what type of service dedicated hosting give is comparatively more pricey than that of the cloud hosting.

Fault protection

Dedicated hosting can be considered as an advanced form of hosting in which the customer requires all the physical servers. This facility give all access to a particular individual without it being shared to other client as in shared hosting.

Security and protection

In dedicated hosting the server is more faulty and can be vulnerable at times. As the hosting is totally dependent on the expertise of only one individual therefore a person has to check the security updates, look for the backups, install security patches, firewalls, etc. In cloud hosting, all the services are provided by the host. This makes an individual free from all the problems and focus on the work.


Cloud hosting is a much more flexible hosting where you can adjust the server performance according to the traffic in the website. When the servers are subjected to high traffic rate then you have the ability to increase its capacity and vice versa. Cloud servers also have the facility that they can run on hypervisor. Hypervisors control the capacity and locate the resources according to the need. With cloud hosting there are many cloud servers that are distributed among different individuals.

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