Career Options As a CS Job Opportunities – 2020

Almost every commerce student nowadays choose to become a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary as they are one of the highest demanded job profiles today. So here is a call about the profile of company secretary and the positives and negatives of this career option.

Nowadays the demand for displaying the transparency of any institution has increased as there are many shareholders of that particular organisation.

Career For Company Secretary

As the other higher management is busy managing the general work, this responsibility should be given to some more specialised person. Here comes the role of Company Secretary. A company secretary is the one who provides a supporting system to the board of directors and the management.

Today their role and responsibility have increased and they also manage many legal matters and corporate governance. Every private organisation needs a company secretary for smooth functioning. As more startups and businesses are growing from day to day, so the need for Company Secretary is also increasing.

This is not just a job profile which holds a higher position in the management but it also is highly accountable within and outside the organisation. It is a highly challenging yet exciting career option for students who are pursuing commerce.


Just after completing the CS course the starting package starts from rs 20000  to Rs 25000  per month. It varies in different organisations. However, a guaranteed amount of rupees 10000 is given to each budding CS and with more expertise and experience there is a hike in income.


There is an increase in the market demand for this career option. As more businesses and companies are increasing day by day, there is a hike in demand for the company secretary.

The payout rates are also high and keep on increasing with an increase in experience. Also, there is a tremendous growth opportunity in this field.

There is a lot of respect for this position inside and outside of the organisation. As company secretary has a lot and responsibilities, this career is giving a lot of popularity among youngsters who want to make it big in this corporate world.


In India, this career is on hike but abroad there is not much recognition. The bigger post has the responsibilities and hence is the role of Company Secretary. A company secretary has many responsibilities and pressure for work. They are in constant pressure to deliver the results for the organisation.

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